WhatsApp Business: how can restaurateurs benefit from it?

What is WhatsApp Business?

Facebook launched a new version of Whatsapp dedicated to small businesses.

The free app WhatsApp Business, now available to download on Android, is aimed at businesses interested in creating, improving and maintaining a professional bond with their customers.

Whatsapp Business allows professional communication between clients and businesses, which can register to the app with their business or personal phone number.

The launch of the app was already announced in September 2017. At the moment, WhatsApp Business is available in several countries, including Indonesia, Italy and UK. Facebook didn’t state whether the application will also be available for IOS. Another version will be soon created for larger businesses.

How does it work?

Through the creation of a Business Profile, main info such as address, email and other contact details are available for customers looking at your activity. Businesses owners can reply to queries, set automated messages as well as quick answers and greeting texts.

In addition, the app provides businesses with the opportunity to check their communication trend. For instance, they can have access to the number of queries they answered and the number of people who contacted them.

How can restaurateurs benefit from the use of the app? How can you benefit from it?

There are many advantages of using Whatsapp Business.

Today many restaurants use private channels, such as their mobile phone, to communicate with their clients instead than professional ones. This is not a habit showing your professionalism. On the contrary, by using the new app you can show both your efficiency.

Moreover, by creating a Business Profile restaurateurs will give visibility to their business. Customers will be able to view restaurants address and contact details. This is something important today, with people using technology to find, discover and review your business. Downloading Whatsapp Business will be also a way to show guests your interest in them. You will be there. It means you keep up with the times, providing your clients with an extra service to improve your customer service.

Another advantage is the fact that when customers ask everyday questions such as your availability or your offers, you can save messages from former conversations and forward them as answers. You can also create automated messages, such as greetings or away texts.

Lastly, Whatsapp Web is also useful for you to monitor the communication with your guests. Indeed, through the app you can discover how many people contacted you and how many messages you sent. This can be an important tool, whether your business is new or old, to track people’s interest, improvements and weaknesses.

Download now WhatsApp Business from Google Play

booknbook is now integrated with Bacco Epos System

We are proud to announce the integration of booknbook with Bacco Epos System.

booknbook is now integrated with the one of the main Italian Epos Systems, which is specialised in the hospitality industry (restaurants, pubs, pizzeria, bars, fast-food…).

The integration of our Restaurant Booking System with Bacco Epos Software is convenient and time-efficient and above all, it makes the daily organisation of work much easier.

Bacco’s customers have now many advantages:

  • restaurateurs can now see all bookings coming from the restaurant website directly on the Bacco Epos System
  • restaurateurs can understand where their bookings come from (e.g. FacebookTwitterGoogle Maps…) in order to manage the marketing budget in a better way.
  • restaurateurs can match guests and tables from the Epos System. This is very convenient for restaurants, especially when doing the receipts.
  • restaurateurs don’t need to be at the restaurant to manage the customers booking. Digital and phone reservations can be noted everywhere just by accessing booknbook and are then transferred directly to the epos system. This solution discourages confusiondecreases the number of phone calls among the restaurant staff and allows restaurateurs to manage their business more independently, even when they are not at workfoto per articolo
  • by using booknbookBacco’s clients can increase the customers’ booking which come from their business website

In the nearest future, this integration will also lead to the access of the customer bills from the Epos System and the measurement of the ROI.

Just a quick reminder of

What booknbook is

booknbook is a new time-efficient and user-friendly Restaurant Booking Systemtracking the source of the customers’ booking and their behaviour and allowing restaurateurs to manage many applications from one tool.

Our White Label Solution allows restaurateurs to know where the customers’ booking come from (each channel), to understand the customers’ behaviour and to manage the marketing budget in a better way.

What Bacco is

Bacco is a Restaurant Epos System, which has been on the market for 30 years.

It is specialised in the hospitality industry (restaurants, pubs, pizzeria, bars, fast-food…). Touch-screen technology and user-friendly solution are its main characteristics.

Bacco has belonged to Dylog (www.dylog.it), one of the most important Italian software houses, since 2013. Dylog also manages Buffetti (www.buffetti.it), a leader in Italy in the industry of office products and services.

Bacco’s software is available in 8 languagesItalianEnglishSpanishPortugueseFrench, GermanCroatian and Romanian.

For more information, visit Bacco Official Website.